Setup Guide

It's easy to setup the Scholastic Bowl Bot for your own use. Here's how to do that.



Invite the bot to your server. Click here:

Setup Roles

Create all these roles, and give them the permissions and position they need.

The roles bolded below must be spelled/capitalized exactly as they are here.
Team 1
- Automatically assigned to players who run "!team 1"
Team 2 - Automatically assigned to players who run "!team 2"
Mute Exempt - Prevents that user from being muted by the bot during competitions. Should be manually assigned to anyone who is going to be reading questions.
A coach or admin role - Given to those who need to run the competition. Should have administrator permissions.

Setup Channels

Text channels
- A channel dedicated for users to run commands in (like !buzz). To prevent abuse/spam, it is recommended this be restricted to coaches and those with a team role (Team 1 or Team 2)

- Another channel for users to chat/request team roles. If the other commands channel is restricted to those with a team role, this is required.
Voice channels:
- A main competition voice channel, restricted to those who have joined a team to prevent abuse. Most of the competition should take place here (reading questions and answering)

- (Optional) Team deliberation channels restricted to their designated team for discussion about bonuses, etc.